Temu & TikTok Win 2023

December 18th, 2023

Temu & TikTok Win 2023

Temu Comes Out on Top

Affordability and convenience have dominated shopping apps, with Amazon, SHEIN, and Shop championing App Store rankings as 2023 comes to a close. However, one e-commerce giant seemingly popped up out of nowhere and shook up the shopping app category, consistently occupying the #1 spot with unbelievable deals available from the comfort of your home.

Temu has solidified itself as a shopping megastar wrapping up 2023 as the most downloaded app of the year. With offers like 90% off on products ranging from virtually any category, it’s hard to dismiss the value users have received from discovering great deals. But great deals alone aren’t enough to stay relevant in the App Store. This is where Temu’s consistent ASO strategy comes into play.

During the entire year, the developers at Temu continuously updated their App Store listing, adapting screenshots and metadata to align with market trends, holidays, and relevant user behaviors that may justify a shift in strategy.

temu app store screenshots fall 2023

The continuous updates to App Store creatives helps improve discoverability and keeps your listing experience fresh, with new content, products, and deals being highlighted on a consistent basis. Considering Temu is practically a one-stop-shop for almost anything, the developers have the added advantage of having a large diversity of products they can highlight at their disposal that align with market trends or spending behaviors.

TikTok Becomes First Non-Game App to Reach $10B

Microtransactions are almost synonymous with gaming apps nowadays. From character bundles to cosmetic items, users can find a plethora of add-ons to enhance their in-app experience. Now, what seemed to be something only gaming apps knew how to leverage, has been incorporated successfully by TikTok. The short-form video app has cracked the code of in-app transactions, successfully raking in over $10 billion in consumer spending.

While Instagram, Youtube, and X all have their own monetization systems, the unique approach TikTok’s developers adopted not only helps boost revenue, but engagement and creator opportunities as well. Users purchase “coins” that can then be used to gift to their favorite creators and accounts. This integration of monetary contribution and user engagement helps kill two birds with one stone, and provides another avenue of income for an already successful social media platform.

tiktok coins

In Summary

Whether it’s utilizing the power of app iterations or expanding user engagement and monetization, the constant search for and implementation of improvements to your app experience will inevitably garner results. Temu’s case reinforces the idea that developers need to stay up to date with changing market dynamics, while TikTok highlights the benefit of creatively integrating different ways users can engage with the platform while making money.

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