App Store Connect Gets Redesign and Mobile Capabilities

June 18th, 2020

App Store Connect Gets Redesign and Mobile Capabilities
David Quinn

by David Quinn

VP of Strategy & Partnerships at Gummicube, Inc.

App Store Connect, Apple’s portal for developers to upload and manage their apps, has undergone a redesign. This adds a highly in-demand feature that will benefit mobile app developers.

In advance of WWDC 2020, Apple has given App Store Connect a new look and style. The website is now usable on mobile devices, providing developers with greater accessibility and ease of use.

Site Redesign

App Store Connect has gone through several changes over the years, such as when it was renamed from iTunes Connect during WWDC 2018. This latest change comes in advance of WWDC 2020, so the timing aligns with the upcoming event and any other App Store changes that we typically see after WWDC.

The App Store Connect website’s redesign is primarily cosmetic, utilizing a streamlined user interface, bold text and fewer colors. This follows the new design language Apple began using with iOS 11. The design language update is definitely a much overdue catch-up.

Overall, the redesigned interface is more modern and provides pertinent information at a glance. Early reports suggest it’s running faster as well, making it easier for developers to quickly manage their apps.

Mobile Compatibility

Previously, App Store Connect for mobile devices offered very limited capabilities. Developers logging on to the mobile site had access to the “My Apps” page, but could not access analytics, sales and trends, resources or any other parts of the site.

While Apple does offer an App Store Connect app, it also has limited features. The new mobile site provides access to all App Store Connect features, available in a single column view. This makes it easy for developers to scroll to the tools they need and access them with a tap.


The update to App Store Connect provides changes that help improve the website both in regard to the UI and usability. Being usable on mobile devices will help developers access their apps, monitor their metrics and edit their metadata even when they’re on the go or away from their computer.

A streamlined UI and the ability to monitor and update traffic on mobile will be particularly useful and help expedite updates.

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