App Store Spotlight - Getting Over It

May 24th, 2022

App Store Spotlight - Getting Over It
Anh Nguyen

by Anh Nguyen

COO & Co-Founder at Gummicube, Inc

App Store Optimization works harmoniously for all apps across every app category and genre – regardless of how obscure, professional or niche. However, there aren’t a lot of games out in the app store that promises to “hurt” their players – if any at all. Getting Over It is the clear exception. With a menacing open line from the developer, the users are left wondering what this game might have in store for them:

“A game I made. For a certain kind of person. To hurt them.”

You, a mere man with a pot for a body and a hammer in hand must scale a massive tower of rubble to win the game. Being anatomically strange is just the beginning, any wrong move might just send you back to the beginning. With no checkpoints – the player just has to get over it and keep going.

As ominous as the game sounds, Getting Over It has gained a cult-like following outside of the App Store – often dubbed the “most frustrating game in the world – no joke”. However, just like other apps that have gained popularity outside of the app store, notoriety alone can’t guarantee long-term success. Getting Over It’s ASO strategy still has significant room for improvement.

Getting Over It App – Metadata

The Getting Over it mobile game has an ominous positioning from other apps in the gaming category for both metadata and creative assets. This certainly makes it stand out from other games that position their app more toward the category standard.

However, optimizing your metadata assets doesn’t have to come at the expense of strong branding. Reversely, metadata optimization can significantly help users enforce a brand association. When users see a branded name with a brief description following it, they know they can rely on that app for that particular feature or value proposition.

App Title – Getting Over It’s app title has a branded title with no title tag attached to it. Title tags are extremely useful in metadata optimization as they provide more opportunities to build relevance with a target audience and improve indexation.

Subtitle – The title, subtitle and keyword bank are fields that the App Store uses to extract keyword phrases. Thus, any metadata field that goes unused can result in lost opportunities to index for relevant phrases. As of now, Getting Over It has no subtitle to help it build its keyword footprint.

With no title tag and no subtitle, the app has the highest chance of getting discovered only by its brand – with no genre-specific phrases or search queries. This is a crucial element needed to increase discovery among new or unfamiliar players. Once the fame from the App Store Spotlight is gone, how will users be able to find the app? This is where our ASO technology can help. With DATACUBE, the developers of Getting Over It can see what phrases they can target to increase visibility among a new, wide-eyed indie gamer audience.

Getting Over It App – Creatives

Getting Over It has a unique approach to its creatives that leaves their audience with just enough questions to want more. It tells a story through each screenshot to capture the users attention – without giving too much away about the difficulty of the mobile game.

Mobile gamers love a challenge, and Getting Over It certainly delivers. With a punchy storyline and rather chilling graphics, the screenshots suggest that this game is not meant for everyone – or the typical casual gamer. However, unfamiliar yet avid niche mobile gamers will need more context regarding what the app gameplay looks like.

Screenshots – This game is widely popular among the gaming community outside of the App Store, but a user would not be able to get that from any of the app store listing assets. Calling out acclimations or rave reviews is a great way to introduce the game and what it’s known for. Getting Over It can introduce this in their screenshot set to convey relevancy and credibility to users who may be unfamiliar with the game, while maintaining its ominous feel and positioning.


If you’re looking for a game that hurts so good, Getting Over It is the niche game that does exactly that. Gamers across both mobile and computer devices all rave about the game’s challenging yet hard-to-quit gameplay. However, without a solid ASO strategy, Getting Over It may lose steam in its ability to gain new and fresh players once its debut on the App Store’s editorial is over. Our ASO company can help balance branding and optimization efforts for long-term success on the app store.

Want to learn more about App Store Optimization? Contact Gummicube and we’ll help get your strategy started.

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