App Store Spotlight - Sheep Simulator AR

March 8th, 2022

App Store Spotlight - Sheep Simulator AR
David Quinn

by David Quinn

VP of Strategy & Partnerships at Gummicube, Inc.

Play all day, Sheep all night. If you ever played a game and secretly thought that if it just had more sheep and augmented reality (AR), it would be perfect? Sheep Simulator AR by Superfine Games Inc. is the app for sheep-enthusiasts and AR-lovers alike. Sheep Simulator AR is just one of the many apps on the App Store with Augmented Reality functionality. Even if you may be so-so on sheep, the AR gaming experience is novel and exciting for users who want to take their mobile gaming experience to the next dimension (quite literally).

Featured today in the App Store’s, “Embrace Your Inner Farmer” collection, Sheep Simulator AR takes simulation gameplay to the next level with its campy yet charming game design, simple game mechanics, and fun interactive elements. The objective of the game is simple: entertain, feed, clothe, and care for your fuzzy friend. But there’s more to this simulation game than meets the eye. Send your sheep on flying balloon adventures, dress your sheep in esteemed apparel, or have your sheep kick back and relax by the poolside. You can do it all in Sheep Simulator AR.

When it comes to mobile games, developers can find it to be extremely difficult to outshine the competition. While AR integration is a surefire way to turn the heads of users, Superfine may need to further their App Store Optimization strategy to include more keywords to help with visibility. Additionally, Sheep Simulator AR’s creatives may need additional elements to help increase their conversion rates. While Superfine currently uses some ASO best practices, there is still plenty of room for improvement.


Sheep Simulator AR, is an effective app title to possibly capture user search queries. However, people who may not be familiar with the app probably don’t go out of their way to look for a sheep simulator. There are hundreds of simulation games on the App Store, so how can a simulation game differentiate itself from all of the rest?

Keying in on a specific target audience is quintessential to success. Superfine could benefit from targeting specific keywords that are most pertinent to their audience to increase its visibility, rather than casting a wide and vast net. With the right ASO technology, Superfine would be able to see what terms their target users search for and then target those terms directly.

By including adjacent or related terms like “farming”, or “animal”, Superfine could potentially increase their visibility if they placed these keywords in the subtitle of their app, or keyword bank. However, the Sheep Simulator AR title currently sits at about 18 characters total. Superfine may want to use a title tag to further index for targeted keywords to fully take advantage of underutilized metadata assets.


Superfine takes advantage of the App Store’s feature video capabilities by including a 30-second video of Sheep Simulator AR gameplay. Using feature video, especially for mobile games, is a great way to introduce an app to a user before they decide to download an app. Typically, feature videos should be between 15 to 30 seconds in length – anything more than that may cause the user to lose interest in the app altogether.

However, the screenshot set displayed for Sheep Simulator VR isn’t much different than the images shown in their video. Screenshot sets should serve to convert and inform the user about the game through added visual elements and stimulation.

Currently, the horizontal screenshot sets only show screenshots of gameplay without any relevant CTAs, in-app game features, or additional copy. While this may be intentional, the screenshot strategy employed by Superfine only scratches the surface of what the app creatives could do to convert users.

Superfine could benefit from including visible copy that mimics the keywords users may be searching for, highlighting AR and 3D game modes, or dedicating a screenshot to rave reviews or any accolades. Providing these additional elements may convince the user that Sheep Simulator AR is worth trying out.


Sheep Simulator AR is no black sheep in the App Store. It offers a gaming experience that’s a cut above the rest with its AR integration, but that alone can’t guarantee Superfine organic growth in light of a highly competitive app category. To fully convey app value to its users, Superfine should look to new ways to target its users through metadata and creative optimization. Doing so will not only set up Sheep Simulator AR for continued organic success, but it also will ensure that it will reach users in a way that speaks to them.

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