Bomb Club App Store Spotlight

September 27th, 2021

Bomb Club App Store Spotlight

Bomb Club by Antoine Latour is an explosive puzzle game available on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. For each level, the goal is to detonate all bombs in a single chain reaction explosion. There are over 20 unique bomb types with different effects, and players can unlock even more fun effects with bomb hats!

Bomb Club was featured as Apple’s “Game of the Day.” After the featuring ends, will Bomb Club have what it takes to maintain ranking and visibility? Let’s check out this game’s ASO implementation and see.


Although it is a featured App of The Day, Bomb Club’s search visibility is somewhat of a dud. On both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, the app ranks for fewer than 30 terms on each respective platform. This is likely because the game is not leveraging available metadata fields to improve search discoverability.

Front-facing metadata contributes to overall keyword ranking on both platforms. The Title and Subtitle on the iOS App Store build phrases with the keyword bank, and the Title and Short Description on the Google Play Store are the most heavily weighted keyword fields. Whereas the Full Description impacts organic ranking on the Google Play Store as well, this area is used on the iOS App Store to improve Apple Search Ads delivery.

Bomb Club’s title on both platforms is only branded which leaves the visibility boost provided by adding an optional title tag untapped. Highly ranked games in the puzzle game genre tend to include descriptive title tags that incorporate high volume keywords.

For example, the number five ranked puzzle game on the iOS App Store is “Zen Match” which has the additional title tag “Relaxing Puzzle.” This brings up the listing’s character count to 27 of 30 characters, of which Bomb Club uses only nine.

Bomb Club’s iOS Subtitle and Google Play Short Description are both lacking sorely in keywords. Bomb Club is not currently using a Subtitle on the iOS App Store, which is a huge missed opportunity for not only keyword visibility, but conversion potential. Since users can see this area, it can impact their understanding of Bomb Club’s features and value propositions, and therefore, if they convert.

With no content in the Subtitle for Apple’s algorithm to crawl, Bomb Club is potentially missing out on hundreds - if not thousands - of keyword opportunities. The right ASO tools allow developers to conduct research on which terms could most benefit visibility in this area.

On the Google Play Store, the Short Description “Create awesome chain reactions in this explosive puzzle game!”, utilizes 61 of the available 80 characters. While the character count is on the lower end of acceptable, most terms outside of “puzzle game” are not contributing to visibility.


On both platforms metadata impacts ranking and visibility with high volume keywords, while the creative assets such as the icon, screenshots, and preview videos drive user conversion. In order to increase installs and expand their user base, Antoine Latour could look to an ASO agency for some of the best practices and trending treatments for Bomb Club’s screenshots.

Bomb Club’s current screenshots exemplify gameplay and the fun vibe through colorful in-game images. Users get a peek at different levels and puzzles they will come across in the game, which could motivate curious users to install.

The first thing that stands out as missing in these screenshots is not having any copy. Callout text can communicate various value propositions, such as highlighting accolades, and can be used to emphasize relevant keywords. Users who see the keyword they queried displayed prominently on a screenshot may be more inclined to convert.

Antoine Latour could apply a number of treatments to Bomb Club’s screenshots in order to improve conversion. Framing the images in a device handset could bring emphasis to the user interface, especially in relation to how users will interact with the game. Additionally, including some heavy-hitting feature-based keywords like “puzzle” could reinforce to users that this is the game they are searching for.


Bomb Club by Antoine Latour is a zany and fun puzzle game, featuring unique bombs and silly hats that can bring those bombs to the next level. This game was featured as Apple’s Game of the Day, and is surely experiencing a spike in popularity due to that feature spot. However, once the limelight fades Bomb Club may experience a drop in visibility and conversion. Antoine Latour can maximize Bomb Club’s presence in the app stores by revisiting their App Store Optimization strategy to bring more keyword rich metadata and impactful creative to the listing.

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