Gametime App Store Spotlight

October 10th, 2022

Gametime App Store Spotlight
David Bell

by David Bell

CEO at Gummicube, Inc.

App Store Spotlight - Gametime Ticket Purchasing App

When it comes to the e-ticket space, new and innovative services looking to provide a seamless and affordable purchase experience are constantly introduced. With over 250 apps showing up in search results, it can be easy for users to get lost in the countless options available and struggle to pick a ticketing service that works for them.

Gametime looks to break from the status quo of traditional event ticketing sites through a comprehensive service policy and the ability to secure ‘last minute’ deals near or even after an event start time. Referred to as the ‘Hotel Tonight’ of ticket purchasing apps, Gametime has doubled down on impressive social media and word-of-mouth marketing to gain traction in a hyper-competitive space. However, can their App Store marketing strategies match the effectiveness of their other paid online campaigns? That’s what this week’s App Store Spotlight will analyze.

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

Achieving and sustaining organic app store growth can be a challenge for developers, so adopting an App Store Optimization strategy that can effectively position your app in the short to long term is key to succeeding. App Store Optimization, or ASO for short, is the process by which developers can pinpoint relevant keywords so that their app ranks for them, and as a result, attracts users.

App Metadata – ‘Gametime - Last Minute Tickets’

Optimizing your app metadata and keywords is foundational in establishing an organic app marketing plan that contributes to visibility and downloads. The better you target relevant terms over a period of time, the better your growth on the app stores will be.


Due to high competition and established entities, the ticket-purchasing category can be quite difficult to penetrate organically. Gametime has a large marketing presence in the sports media world and also receives a high level of word-of-mouth marketing success. Its branded title can also be input as a generic search term for users looking for ‘game time’ tickets.

Right off the bat, users see the keywords “Gametime” and have a good understanding of the app’s purpose even without knowing the brand. Including the term “last-minute tickets” could also lead to higher visibility. With the help of the right ASO tools and technology, developers can determine whether or not the current title tags are being searched for by a considerable number of users.


Gametime harnesses the power of the subtitle in its unique positioning by including the terms “sports, concerts, and theater.” Including the different categories of events can attract a variety of different users to the app as well as confirm their relevance as keywords for the app in the eyes of the algorithm. The iOS subtitle and Google Play short description are both vital areas for indexation. And while their indexation processes may vary, keywords on both platforms here carry more weight in determining your app relevance when compared to other fields.

Subtitle iOS:

”Sports, Concerts, & Theater”

Short Description Google Play:

“Find Live Event Ticket Deals to Sports, Concerts, Festivals, & Comedy For Less!”

The iOS Subtitle is directly correlated to relevant search phrases. This can help the app improve its ranking for each specific event category and related phrases. The Google Short Description is branded and relates to the app’s function, while also including keywords that can relate the app to the type of event a user may be searching for.

App Creative Set – Gametime App

Your creative assets are vital in driving conversions and optimizing them can help users determine how relevant your app is to their search while also illustrating valuable in-app previews and information. Gametime currently uses several ASO best practices for screenshots which helps boost its conversion rates.


The screenshot set is all vertical using some App Store Optimization best practices like having visual & keyword-rich copy, consistent use of handset, and emphasized UI to catch the users’ attention. These design elements are well executed and we can see Gametime’s screenshot set definitely takes advantage of the current popularity of dark mode.

While this is a small detail, it makes a tremendous difference in conversion potential. As of 2021, It’s reported that over 80% of users have dark mode on versus light mode, so optimizing for the user's preferred mode is a good step in ensuring a fitting marketing presence.


One of the most foundational steps in App Store Optimization, especially in the beginning stages of growth, is competitive research. Our ASO company experts have found that several app developers are increasingly using app previews and promo videos in their creative sets to capture users.

There is definitely an opportunity for Gametime to utilize more unique compositions and even an app preview video in their screenshots. While the consistent handset positions used in screenshots is a best practice to help users visualize the app experience, it is repeated in every shot and could benefit from more unique compositions that would help it stand out among competing apps.


Gametime has distinct value propositions in the increasingly competitive ticketing app landscape. Highlighting its unique features will be vital to maintain long-term success. To maintain its dominance within keyword rankings for its differentiating features, ASO is essential. With these ASO best practices, Gametime can effectively engage and attract new users to its platform.

Want to learn more about App Store Optimization? Contact Gummicube and we’ll help get your strategy started.

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