How to Strategize for Mobile Growth in Q4

November 8th, 2018

How to Strategize for Mobile Growth in Q4
David Quinn

by David Quinn

VP of Strategy & Partnerships at Gummicube, Inc.

We’ve entered the final stretch of the year, so it’s time to focus on ending 2018 strong. With the holiday season approaching and a year of profits to wrap up, how can mobile app developers ensure that the fourth quarter is a successful one?

Spend Carefully

One thing worth noting is that the cost per installation (CPI) tends to increase in Q4, especially for mobile retailers. With multiple apps and developers fighting over ad space in the most competitive quarter, competing may be more expensive. However, that does not mean developers need to start spending more and more money on the same tactics. Instead, they should spend carefully. Target the keywords and users you’ll get the most value from, use your marketing budget wisely and aim for the areas where you can best succeed. Be prepared for increased competition and adjust your budget accordingly. If you manage your marketing dollars carefully, you can continue to thrive this quarter.

Capitalize on Mobile Commerce

The holiday season is during Q4, which means that consumers are going on shopping sprees. If you want to grow in Q4, it’s important to take advantage of this, whether or not your app is designed for shopping. Any app offering in-app purchases, such as mobile games or subscription services, can see increased sales during the holiday season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals can extend to mobile retailers and apps of all sorts, whether it’s online shopping deals or discounts on DLC (downloadable content) bundles. There are numerous ways to prepare apps for the holidays. Along with sales and discounts, apps should adjust their creatives, metadata and descriptions to capitalize on the season. Doing so will help them stand out and compete during the holiday rush and build momentum throughout Q4.

Prepare for the New

There are new devices hitting stores and on the horizon. Apple’s iPhone XS, XS Max and XR phones are available to order, with a new iPad Pro estimated to arrive next year. Similarly, we have the Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL, which released earlier last month. With these new devices come new OS updates, with iOS 12 and Android 9 Pie. Developers need to take advantage of these new devices and operating systems, as well as the tools and features at their disposal. As users get new devices and update to the latest systems, they’ll want apps that can fully utilize the functionality they provide. As such, apps that stand out with features for the new devices will have an advantage over their competition. For instance, both Apple and Google have been focusing on improving the augmented reality capabilities of their devices and software. AR apps should look at the new functionality they offer and prepare updates that put it to use, such as ARKit 2 from Apple and ARCore from Google. Providing apps that work with the latest innovations is a good way to rise above the competition and thrive.

App Store Optimization

Of course, one thing remains consistent from quarter to quarter: App Store Optimization is essential for mobile growth. ASO is how an app makes its way to the top of search results on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It helps apps reach new users and appeal to them, turning potential customers into new users and existing users into loyal ones. Apps typically see a large uptick in installs after 12/25, once people have opened their presents and find themselves with shiny new phones. That makes it the perfect time for apps to find new users, whether they’re music apps, social networks or mobile games. The holiday season is an essential time to refocus your ASO strategy and ensure your app is fully optimized for the stores they’re available on. A properly optimized app can succeed and thrive in Q4. Without App Store Optimization, though, even the most innovative of apps can still linger in obscurity.

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