Hungry Shark World App Store Video Spotlight

March 3rd, 2020

Hungry Shark World App Store Video Spotlight

The App Store Video can be a helpful asset to apps and mobile games. It presents users with their first look at the app in action and can present valuable information quickly and directly. For today’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at the mobile game Hungry Shark World and see how its App Store Videos can help it sink or swim.

App Store Video

On the Apple App Store, Hungry Shark World uses three App Store Videos – the maximum allowed by the store.

The first video is focused entirely on a new playable character, a shark with laser beams. This highlights the new shark’s abilities by showing it score points, collect coins and destroy a helicopter. The video is backed up by a musical accompaniment that alludes to the theme from the movie “Jaws.” It includes large text on the screen that calls out the values of this new character, like earning a higher score.

The Google Play Store listing uses the same video. It only features one video on Google Play, so the video it uses should highlight all of the app’s selling points to users.

The second video highlights a variety of characters, including equipment options and gameplay. This uses the on-screen text to introduce the sharks by name. The music is more upbeat than the first one, adding more of a lighthearted and humorous tone to the app.

The third video also highlights several sharks, as well as a variety of power-ups, such as jet packs and laser beams. The text on the screen describes the latter as “frickin’ laser beams,” referencing the “Austin Powers” movie. The music is the same as the second video, continuing to set a fun and funny mood.

This video is designed to be more all-encompassing, while the other two focus on specific updates and new characters. It may be better to position it as the first video and leave the remaining two to provide additional information,

These App Store Videos all highlight different aspects of the app, giving users a good idea of the gameplay, shark options and equipment. They do not delve into much detail into the mechanics, but they serve as a solid overview.

Competitor App Store Videos

By looking at other shark games on the App Store and Play Store, we can see how Hungry Shark World compares to its competition.

On the Apple App Store, the game King of Crabs uses a video that focuses primarily on the gameplay. This shows several scenes of the game in action, including a variety of crab types, weapons and stages. This includes text on the screen highlighting aspects like “insane weapons” and “massive open world” to provide additional information.

On the Google Play Store, Double Head Shark Attack tries to add a horror element to its video. It builds up the ominous music score and introduces the shark in a cutscene where it leaps out of the water to eat people, before getting to the gameplay. The video only shows a few seconds of the game in action, compared to Hungry Shark World’s gameplay-focused videos. Double Head Shark Attack also does not use any text on the screen, focusing more on storytelling through its video.


The App Store Video should highlight an app’s values, such as features or gameplay for a mobile game. Hungry Shark World features three videos on iOS, each one showing off different aspects of the game, although its Google Play video only focuses on one. These videos show different aspects, but are primarily focused on the sharks available, with a secondary focus on power ups and customization.

A good video can increase user interest and conversions, so mobile games like Hungry Shark World should make sure that their videos can catch users hook, line, and sinker.

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