Mobile Developers Around the World Take on GDC

March 3, 2017

Mobile Developers Around the World Take on GDC

The annual Game Developers Conference started in San Francisco, CA this week and developers are getting ready to debut their new games. This conference is no longer just for console game developers, but has included iOS and Android platforms as well. Mobile developers from around the world are trying to steer the focus toward their new games and bringing their popular mobile games to other parts of the world. They are also there to not only improve visibility of the app, but show what the gaming industry looks like from around the world. GDC invites game developers across the world to bring new games, which means that there will be more mobile games for end users to expect coming to the App Store and Google Play in the coming year. The Chinese and UK game industries are just two of the many developers in mobile games, but they should be watched as they bring games from around the world to the US.

Shinezone Seeks Partners at GDC:

Shinezone is considered as a “rising power” when it comes to Chinese game developing. They have made their voices heard and already have millions of users playing their games and have partnerships with Facebook, the App Store, Google Play, ArmorGames and Before coming to GDC, the company told developers that they’re looking to export platform games currently played in China worldwide. The company mostly operates through ArmorGames, and has made games like Defense of Legends, Heroes of Glory, The King of Towers and Viking Age. Not only is Shinezone a game company, but they focus on research and development before distributing their products around the world. Shinezone has a global distribution network that also consults and optimizes the products for developers as well. Users can look forward to more games from Shinezone as they connect with potential partners at GDC and try to bring some of China’s mobile games to the US.

UK Game Industry at GDC:

The UK gaming industry is home to some of the most successful video game franchises like Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto, but they are at GDC to start expanding their network of mobile games. As the gaming industry around the world continues to rapidly grow, the UK isn’t far behind in investments into mobile gaming platforms. Reality Games, one of the UK’s biggest mobile game developers, is currently working on developing multiple mobile games. Their current focus is on Landlord Real Estate Tycoon, which has over four million end users already playing through the App Store and Google Play. Wibbu Ltd. is another developer in the UK that creates educational games, and has been ranked #1 in the App Store’s Education category. This year at GDC, they are debuting a new mobile game called Ruby Rei, which will teach new languages to players. The UK game industry is certainly joining the ranks of other mobile game developers this year at GDC, which should excite end users for the future of the App Store and Google Play. GDC is not just for the big-named game developers anymore. Now, users can look forward to seeing new mobile games coming from other parts of the world and having a new experience on their phones. Mobile games are on the rise this year, and game industries around the world are at GDC to prove it.