Siri Shortcuts: How Apps Are Using It Already

September 21st, 2018

Siri Shortcuts: How Apps Are Using It Already
Anh Nguyen

by Anh Nguyen

COO & Co-Founder at Gummicube, Inc

iOS 12 has just launched, and already we’re seeing apps begin to take advantage of the new features it has to offer. Among the most popular of the upgrades is Siri Shortcuts, which enables users to create custom commands for Siri to launch multiple apps and perform functions on them with a single request. Several developers are already boasting apps compatible with Siri Shortcuts, but they need proper App Store Optimization to truly make the most of the update.

1. What Are Siri Shortcuts?

Siri Shortcuts is a new addition to the Siri virtual assistant program, included as part of the iOS 12 update. It enables Siri to complete complex tasks from a single voice command as well as provide intelligent notifications based off user behavior. For instance, if a user has a daily schedule wherein they order coffee, listen to the radio as they drive to work and check their email as soon as they get into the office, they can program a Siri Shortcut accordingly. By saying “Siri, I’m off to work,” they can command Siri to open the Starbucks app and order coffee, open a radio app set to their favorite station, launch the navigation app set to their work location and open up the email app as soon as the user arrives. Users must create their own shortcuts through the Shortcuts app (previously known as Workflow). Once a shortcut is made, it can be shared as a file via iCloud with friends who also have iOS 12 installed.

2. What App Developers Are Doing

Before an app can be used with Siri Shortcuts, it must be updated for iOS 12 with SiriKit. As Siri Shortcuts was announced during WWDC 2018, developers have had time to prepare their apps accordingly and are releasing new versions with the launch of iOS 12. Among the apps updated for Siri Shortcuts are:

  • Tile, which lets users open the app by asking “Siri, where are my keys?”
  • Pandora, which adds a Siri Shortcuts button, so users can add specific stations, albums or playlists to a shortcut
  • The Weather Channel, which enables users to check the weather with a voice command
  • Things, which now lets users add or complete errands with voice commands
  • Citymapper, which lets users check traffic, disruptions, their commute and more by asking Siri
  • Monster Job Search, which enables shortcuts for specific job searches

Several other apps have also updated with similar features, and more are certain to do the same as users begin to utilize Siri Shortcuts.

3. How Can Siri Shortcuts Help ASO?

The Apple App Store is already providing Shortcuts-enabled apps with a prime position to reach users browsing the store. From the App Store, users can see a new category for apps utilizing Siri Shortcuts, providing them with increased visibility that showcases the new and in-demand features. Shortcuts Apps However, even apps that begin using Siri Shortcuts later on or are not included in that list can still utilize App Store Optimization to make the most of Shortcuts capabilities. As users are searching for apps that use Siri Shortcuts, updating the descriptions, creatives and keywords to call out an app’s shortcut features can improve its visibility and clickthrough rate. Apps using Siri Shortcuts can include a section in their description describing how the app can work with Shortcuts and suggest uses for users. For instance, a food app can describe how users can quickly place orders from their phone with Siri Shortcuts or even set their favorite orders to a shortcut. A navigation app, similarly, can show how users can use Siri Shortcuts to open the app and direct them to a certain location by saying “Siri, let’s go home.” It’s important that the description not only utilize Shortcut-related phrases but also point out the value of using the app with Siri Shortcuts. Similarly, the creative sets can include screenshots of the Shortcuts features. If the app includes a button to automatically set a shortcut, it can include a screenshot of that with callout text that highlights how easy it is to use. As with the description, it needs to demonstrate the value of the app while connecting it to the ease of use that Siri Shortcuts presents.

4. Overall

Siri Shortcuts is a significant new addition to iOS 12, and developers are already making use of it. However, simply enabling the app to work with Siri Shortcuts is not enough – the app’s ASO strategy must also highlight the new features and demonstrate its value when used with Shortcuts. As with any new change to the App Store or app market, App Store Optimization is the key to keeping ahead of the competition. Want more information regarding App Store Optimization? Contact Gummicube and we’ll help get your strategy started.

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