RA Camping App Store Spotlight

October 3rd, 2022

RA Camping App Store Spotlight

Planning a camping trip soon? Maybe you want to explore the great outdoors before the weather starts to dip. The start of autumn calls for those last-minute wilderness adventures to take in the breathtaking colors of the new season. For that, you’ll need a tool to help guide you to the best campsites whenever you need one. RA Camping can be that outdoor helper.

As a comprehensive camping database, RA Camping provides users with a selection of campgrounds, RV sites, and parks where you can set up camp and settle down. With robust features to help find and reserve campsites across the country, you’d expect to see RA Camping dominating search results, right? Not exactly. A great app doesn’t always warrant great App Store performance, and in this week’s App Store Spotlight, we’ll take a look at how that applies to RA Camping.

App Store Optimization (ASO) Best Practices

To understand how RA Camping’s developers can improve their App Store performance it’s important to analyze how they’re currently undertaking App Store Optimization. An effective ASO strategy considers all elements on and off an app listing page that contribute to increasing visibility and conversions. This includes metadata fields that contain keywords, engaging copy, as well as creative assets that help with brand identity and conversions.

RA Camping’s developers do employ some degree of ASO best practices in their app page, but can they improve?

RA Camping App Title

For starters, the RA Camping app title does not contain title tags. Title tags are essential for additional keyword placement that developers can include by relating their app to a search query. While you evidently want to have your app name as the title’s main identifying term, having relevant phrases to support it can enhance your search result position at indexation.

An effective strategy would be to combine a call-to-action with a core feature to create a short but compelling phrase that serves to inform the reader and motivate them to download, while also helping increase rankings.

RA Camping Subtitle

Developers can use the subtitle similar to the title in the sense that relevant keywords and a call to action can be included to improve reach and downloads. However, developers can take more liberty when it comes to the type of keywords they would like to implement. While the terms should stay hyper-relevant, you can incorporate keywords that aren’t only related to the core features.

Promotions, new features, and other unique value propositions can all be effectively called out in combination with a call-to-action to improve your app listing. Seeing this 30-character field as another opportunity for growth and conversions will further aid your overall App Store Optimization strategy.

RA Camping Screenshots

Screenshots can be a great conversion tool as they illustrate exactly what your in-app experience is all about before users download it. Using this opportunity to accurately highlight unique features can prove successful in convincing a potential user to download your app.

RA Camping’s developers have incorporated in-app imagery in their creative sets, using direct screenshots as their pictures. However, there is no context provided in the images to guide the viewer through what exactly each app page represents. If the developers want their creative sets to contribute to a higher conversion rate, including supporting copy to the existing images can help users understand how the app functions and as a result, potentially lead to more downloads.


Developers will want to provide a quality user experience at every stage of the journey. An ASO company can help achieve this with proven market strategies. RA Camping’s developers in particular can study their existing title, subtitle, and screenshots to assess their app store keyword ranking and conversion rate to later determine how they can create an app store marketing plan that actually improves performance.

It’s time users not only discover the campsites to create unforgettable outdoor memories but the tool that can help them do so. With the help of ASO tools and technology, RA Camping’s developers have a better chance at helping people venture out into the wilderness by optimally positioning their service online.

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