App Store Spotlight - Playbook

March 15th, 2022

App Store Spotlight - Playbook

Are you feeling a little more inspired to get your workout on after Spring Forward? Admittedly, we’re still having a bit of trouble waking up this early, but lucky for us, workout apps make it easier to exercise at any time and anywhere.

Featured on today’s App Store Spotlight, is the workout app that does more than just offer amazing trainer-guided workouts – it's like having a full-service personal trainer in your pocket.

Playbook – The Workout App that does More

Playbook by Playbook Technologies Inc. is a workout app that features daily workouts from popular workout trainers and it's packed with useful tools like motivational videos, nutrition/recipe guides, and workout logs. Playbook has workouts and exercises from a wide variety of categories like yoga, wellness, sports training, and more personalized programs so users can customize their fitness plans based on their unique fitness goals and needs.

Fitness apps are a highly competitive space on the App Store. A simple search will populate thousands of results for workout apps with similar programs, exercise plans, and added features. With such high competition from apps with similar feature offerings, workout apps like Playbook need to strategically approach their mobile marketing strategy to convey relevancy to their target user base while effectively cutting through the clutter of a highly congested marketplace.

Differentiation and discoverability are quintessential to maintain. While Playbook currently uses some App Store Optimization best practices, there is still plenty of room for improvement for Playbook to increase its visibility and relevancy on the App Store.

Playbook – Metadata

Apple reports that 70% of all downloads come from Search. With such high stakes to make a great first impression, Playbook needs a metadata optimization strategy that could actively capture users right at the search bar. To do so, Playbook could use ASO technology that helps them better understand what users are searching for, and how to incorporate those insights into their metadata assets to increase their visibility.

Title Tags

Title tags offer app developers additional keyword indexation opportunities. Any additional keywords added to the app title after a hyphen or colon are subsequently added to the pool of indexed keywords on the App Store. Currently, Playbook’s full app title is, “Playbook - created by trainers”.

While trainers may offer additional indexation opportunities to create keywords like, “fitness trainer” in combination with their subtitle, the title itself doesn’t quite capture app value to the user effectively. Playbook’s app title may even suggest that the app is something relatively sports training-focused rather than a full exercise program.

Adding more relevant keywords associated with Playbook’s unique features and points of differentiation may not only help them target their audience more effectively but can also offer more opportunities to the index for relevant keywords. There are countless amounts of apps on the market that target similar keywords, so how can Playbook differentiate itself even more through the eyes of users?

Playbook – Creative

When it comes to workout apps, screenshots speak volumes to the users in more ways than one. Many users often forgo reading the description of an app on the product page. Instead, they rely on screenshots and additional creative elements to learn about the app quickly and conveniently. In a highly competitive and saturated workout app marketplace, creative elements could just be the tipping point in a user's decision to download.

Screenshots & App Videos

While descriptions are still a fundamental metadata element in ASO, creative elements do not get indexed by the algorithm. Thus, creative screenshots are directly responsible for user conversion and they serve as quick information hubs for users looking for information about app features without tapping on the product page.

However, the search bar only showcases the first three screenshots on a search page, so workout app developers must concentrate their main points of differentiation at the beginning of their screenshot sets.

Currently, Playbook dedicates its first three screenshots to accolades, trainer content support, and shows a list of fitness programs in their first three screenshots. While these features are all great things to highlight, users can derive very little from what the app can offer them.

Playbook may need to reposition their creative assets to better highlight their main app offerings for a more user need-focused approach. That way, users searching for specific training or nutritional programs can see that Playbook offers these unique features and so much more in their workout app.

Feature videos are a great way to highlight in-app features more engagingly. For workout apps like Playbook, feature videos offer a more user-focused introduction to the app by highlighting dynamic elements associated with the app – what its unique selling points are and what it could potentially provide to the user.


Workout apps are among the most popular categories on the app store. Both enterprise and indie developers are looking for creative and data-driven ways to make their workout app stand out from all the rest. But much like a high-intensity HIIT workout, it’s no easy feat to accomplish. An ASO company can act as a spotter in a workout app developer’s organic growth gains on the App Store in the face of high competition. Through better metadata and creative optimization, Playbook can have an ASO strategy that works just as hard as its trainers to engage eager users.

Want to learn more about App Store Optimization? Contact Gummicube and we’ll help get your strategy started.

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