App Store Spotlight - Urban

March 22nd, 2022

App Store Spotlight - Urban
David Bell

by David Bell

CEO at Gummicube, Inc.

Deep-tissue, Shiatzu, stone – now you’re speaking our language! If you’re like the many people around the world who love to relax with a massage, the app featured on today’s App Store Spotlight will soothe all of your pain points. The Urban app brings the massage parlor to you, making it easy and convenient to request an at-home massage from anywhere.

When it comes to relaxation, customization is king. Truthfully speaking, only we know what helps us relax at the end of a stressful day or week. With the Urban app, you can select the time, treatment, practitioner, and even the playlist you play during your session. Urban doesn’t just stop at massages – facials, nail treatments, lash extensions, physical therapy and so much more are available for request within an hour.

With such a broad set of unique features, Urban has the opportunity to bring amazing at-home services to a broad range of users. However, apps offering freelance services often face stiff competition against established enterprise apps with high notoriety.

If Urban wants to increase its visibility among its current users and new users as well, it has to enact more App Store Optimization (ASO) best practices to adequately compete against similar apps. Currently, Urban uses some of these best practices in their metadata and creative elements, but there is always room for further improvement.

What Urban is Doing Right

1. Urban uses emphasized UI and handsets in its screenshot set

These screenshot design elements help the user understand what the app offers without having the user read the description. Using these elements in a creative set saves the user time and effort in making their decision to download. Since creative elements are directly responsible for conversion, it’s important for developers to capture and reflect user intent in these screenshots. Incorporating visually engaging elements and relevant copy conveys value to the user and informs them about the app prior to initiating a download.

2. Urban uses title tags to increase indexation opportunities

Title tags are an excellent way to increase user visibility and indexation opportunities. On the App Store, the keywords used in the indexation process are taken from the app title, subtitle, and keyword bank. Many developers often forgo title tags assuming that they dilute branding efforts. However, title tags can strengthen branding efforts by further enforcing brand value and features more directly if employed correctly. Figuring out what keywords to use in your app title for optimal indexation opportunities can be tricky. With the help of ASO technology like DATACUBE, developers can employ the most relevant keywords and effective at increasing their visibility at the search bar.

Where can Urban Improve?

1. Urban only uses 3 total screenshots in their screenshot set

While the first three screenshots are the only screenshots that appear on the search page, utilizing the full screenshot set allows developers to further explain key value propositions associated with their app. In the case of Urban, this is especially crucial with the broad range of services they offer.

2. Urban’s screenshots are not optimized for Dark Mode

Dark Mode browsing is becoming increasingly popular among users. Developers should optimize their creative elements to stand out in both Light and Dark Modes. Having a screenshot set that blends in the background leads to lackluster UI and may lead the user to gloss over the listing altogether.

3. The full description is not optimized for easy user readability

While the Urban app description is informative, it uses block-heavy text to convey app features. Descriptions should serve to quickly and thoroughly inform the user about the app, so keeping features concise and simple to read is paramount in maintaining user engagement. Users spend only a limited time on an app product page before they decide to download, so making their information search process more simplified is the key to effective metadata optimization.****

Urban is doing a lot of things right, but…

Keeping up with App Store competition is no easy feat. In fact, many freelance-based service apps need to go the extra mile in their ASO strategy to effectively stand out against big-name competitors. With a broad range of services, Urban needs to effectively target their users with relevant keywords and creatives to capture all of what their users search for. Physiotherapy and derma facials are two very different services, so how can they capture both? With the help of an ASO company with years of effective user targeting experience, striking that balance can be made as simple and easy as a massage.

Want to learn more about App Store Optimization? Contact Gummicube and we’ll help get your strategy started.

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