Boomerang App Description Spotlight

December 10th, 2019

Boomerang App Description Spotlight

App descriptions serve several purposes for an app, from informing users of its features to impacting keyword indexation and Apple Search Ads relevancy. Boomerang is a video streaming app with thousands of classic cartoons, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It was also featured on the Apple App Store recently, due to the large selection of holiday specials users can stream.

For this week’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at Boomerang’s app description and see where it works and where it could be improved on the App Store and Play Store.

Keyword Rankings

On the Apple App Store, Boomerang ranks #1 for “Boomerang cartoon,” “Boomerang TV” and cartoon terms such as “free cartoons” and “old cartoons.” It also ranks well for several cartoons the streaming service offers, such as #1 for “Flintstones” and #2 for “Scooby Doo.” It ranks #5 for “Boomerang,” since there are photo and video editing apps that use the same name. It can also improve its rankings for terms like “Cartoon” and “Cartoon Apps” (#23) and movie terms like “watch movies” at #63.

On Google Play, Boomerang ranks #1 for “Boomerang Cartoon” and “Boomerang TV.” It ranks #2 for “Boomerang,” right behind an app that makes looping videos for Instagram. The app ranks in the top 5 for “cartoons,” “free cartoons” and “looney tunes,” although its rankings get lower for terms like “cartoon app” (#19), “kids shows” (#32) and “cartoons for kids” (#55).

App Store Description

The App Store description for Boomerang on iOS starts off with a short introduction. Two short paragraphs provide an overview of what the app does: users can watch cartoons, and it has a free trial followed by a subscription. The paragraphs are short enough to be read quickly while scrolling through the page. As it only uses two, it could provide a little additional information in a few short lines.

After the introduction, it has two feature sets. The first one covers the app’s video streaming features, the second is a lengthy list of the more popular cartoons on the app. Using feature sets and bullet lists is good for an app store description, as it quickly provides important information about the app’s features. There is room to add additional feature sets to expand on the app.

iOS App Store Descriptions are indexed for Apple Search Ads campaigns- along with aspects like your relevancy and bid strength, having a properly formatted description is an important piece of an Apple Search Ads campaign.

If we look at competing apps, we can see similar styles for app store descriptions. For instance, Cartoon Locker also talks about how users can stream multiple shows, including several popular cartoons by name. Cartoon Locker does not use a feature set, though, so Boomerang’s description follows ASO best practices better.

Boomerang also ranks for competing streaming services and networks, such as Nickelodeon (#39 on Google Play, #5 on iOS). We can see a similar app store description design for the Nick app, which also lists a number of popular cartoons available for streaming.

On Google Play, Boomerang’s app store description is nearly identical, on Google Play, with the exception of different legal text for the subscription information. While the description is easily readable on the store, app store descriptions for the Play Store should be structured in a way that will allow it to index organically for terms in the description.

The introductory paragraphs for the Google Play app store description can be improved for keyword optimization. The second sentence, for instance, begins with “From A to ZOINKS,” which is a good line for branding but does not utilize any keywords. The second paragraph, similarly, talks about how users don’t need a TV provider and that they can start a free trial, without using any keywords. Properly utilizing keywords in the app store description can help the app index for more relevant terms.

Boomerang’s app store description does call out important keywords in the feature sets, such as “watch unlimited cartoons,” “stream cartoons” and the names of many cartoons available on the site. These include high-volume terms like “Looney Tunes” (#3) and “Smurfs” (#7).


Boomerang’s app store description has a good foundation, using easy to read paragraphs and bulleted feature sets, but there’s always room for improvement. Providing additional information and focusing on keyword targeting could help the app grow even further. The app store description is important for an app’s success, and if done right, could help Boomerang’s rankings grow.

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