Call of Duty Mobile App Store Video Spotlight

January 24th, 2020

Call of Duty Mobile App Store Video Spotlight

An App Store Video is a great way to engage users and demonstrate an app’s features in action. For mobile games, this can be a powerful tool for driving conversion. Call of Duty Mobile, a mobile version of the popular console FPS game franchise, uses an App Store Video designed to hype users and boost conversions. For today’s App Store Spotlight, we look at its App Store Video.

App Store Video

Call of Duty Mobile uses the same App Store Video on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The video uses quick cuts to appear fast-paced; no shot lasts more than three seconds.

The App Store Video primarily uses cutscenes and animations that show the characters in action, jets flying and cars driving. It cuts to the customization options, including character and vehicle customization. The amount of gameplay itself is minimal. There are just a few quick clips showing the player-controlled shooting portions of the game, as the video’s focus is the visual elements.

The visuals are backed up by rock music and each cut occurs in sync with the beat. This is a good use of the soundtrack, as it enhances the tone and the energy of the App Store Video. Although the video works well with the audio, it’s still important that the video stands out on its own. The sound will not be on when the app appears in searches and users may watch it with their phones muted.

While this App Store Video does look impressive, it does not show much about how the game is played. The description mentions multiple game modes, competitive play and ranked matches, but the video spends more time on cutscene animations and customization. It calls out those aspects with large text across the screen, but it cuts away very quickly. On the Apple App Store, App Preview videos must show in-app gameplay content, so it is important that Call of Duty Mobile’s App Store Video includes it. Too little gameplay and it could be rejected.

Competitor App Store Videos

Call of Duty Mobile’s style of App Store Video is common among action and shooting games. For instance, Modern Combat 5 on the Apple App Store also utilizes fast cuts and primarily shows off its graphics through cutscenes, although it spends a little more time on gameplay clips.

PUBG, on the other hand, uses an App Store Video that’s almost entirely gameplay. This still utilizes quick cuts and text flashing across the screen, but it focuses more on how the game looks when played than its graphics and animated cutscenes. This is a safer option as it’s less likely to be rejected.

On the Google Play Store, World War Heroes uses an animated cutscene for its entire video. As it does not include gameplay, it would not be allowed on the Apple App Store. The App Store Vide does not show off any aspects of the game itself, aside from the graphics and soundtrack. It does set the scene and tone, but it provides no information about the various game modes or mechanics.


Call of Duty Mobile uses an App Store Video that focuses on getting users excited through quick editing, intense music and action-filled animations. In assessing competitors, this is typical of other games in its category. While it only shows a little of the gameplay in action, it provides information about enough aspects of the game to appeal to users. An App Store Video can boost conversions by up to 25%, so creating and testing a good video can make a big difference for an app like Call of Duty Mobile.

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