Greedy Cats App Store Spotlight

February 27th, 2021

Greedy Cats App Store Spotlight

Greedy Cats: Kitty Clicker has tapped its way into Apple App Store’s “New Games We Love” category. This idle clicker game encourages you to be the greediest cat around and chomp as much food as possible!

The icon of an innocent-looking cat with a donut may entice users to download and try the game out. But the icon alone can't drive conversion- even the text elements, some of which impact visibility, can have an impact on conversion. Today, we'll focus on the text assets that Greedy Cats presents in today's App Store Spotlight to see what is working well and where it can improve.

App Store Title and Subtitle

Greedy Cats utilizes the title and subtitle space almost to the maximum characters allowed, with the title and subtitle both totaling 26 out of 30 characters. Using as much of the character count as possible can increase visibility- but only if the right kinds of characters are used.

App Name / App Title

As stated above, Greedy Cats: Kitty Clicker uses 26 characters out of the 30 character allowance. Within the space, the app has the name and also a title tag. Utilizing a title tag can increase the total amount of keywords the app has the potential to appear in search results for.

For Greedy Cats, “kitty” and “clicker” are both integral to the identity of the app with “kitty” relating to the characters in the game and “clicker” expressing the gameplay. Greedy Cats may benefit from testing alternative title tags, such as “addicting clicker” or “idle cat clicker”. Creating variants, deploying them and measuring the results is a great way to test what is best for conversions.


Greedy Cats has “The idle cat snacking game” as their subtitle. Like the title, it utilizes the character count well and the text pertains directly to the function of the game. Using "idle" and "game" helps further improve the overall search discoverability potential for the app.

Competitors in this app’s category often target words like “simple”, “addictive”, “fun”, and “easy” in this field. Greedy Cats may benefit from testing keywords like these in the subtitle and measuring which variants lead to the highest conversion rates, along with how it impacts its keyword rankings.


Greedy Cats: Kitty Clicker uses about half of the allowed 4,000 characters in the description. This area mainly allows a developer to describe the app to the users, and is not indexed for organic search like the title and subtitle are. Although it doesn’t contribute to keyword indexation, it can lead to higher conversion rates.

The Greedy Cats description starts with three engaging paragraphs that include the features of the app, such as upgrading cats, collecting cute outfits, competing against others, winning trophies and earning rewards and connecting with friends.

Following these paragraphs is a portion of text labeled “features”, followed by 8 bulleted points that reiterate the previous paragraphs. Almost a third of the characters used are at the end, in the subscription segment which Apple requires in its guidelines.

Greedy Cats: Kitty Clicker has a good start to a great description. The developer may want to consider adding more paragraphs to the beginning, maybe bringing in some unique storyline elements that will appeal to users. The developer may also want to flesh out the feature list, creating more than one list, such as one for “prizes” and another for “playing with friends”.

By adding more to the description and not only telling the story but organizing it in an easily digestible format, the app tells the user exactly what it does. This simple update of reformatting the text to be more easily readable to a user can help them understand what it does and what makes it stand out among the competition, potentially improving conversion.


Greedy Cats: Kitty Clicker rightfully earned recognition as a great new app to play, which is not only an honor but an excellent opportunity. By being showcased as an up-and-coming game, there is greater visibility to the app and can lead to more downloads in the time period it is being recognized.

However, after Apple stops recommending the app to users, it is up to the app’s metadata to maintain visibility and the elements on its Product Page to drive conversion rates. While some aspects here are being done well, there is always room to test, measure, improve and grow.

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