NFL App Store Screenshot Spotlight

January 31st, 2020

NFL App Store Screenshot Spotlight

App Store Screenshots are key to user conversion, especially when there’s a relevant event on the horizon. The Super Bowl is approaching, so developers of football apps should aim to capitalize on the event. In order to appeal to users searching for Super Bowl content, the screenshots should be designed with App Store Optimization best practices and seasonality. For today’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at the NFL app and see how its App Store Screenshots are designed.

App Store Screenshots

On the Apple App Store, the NFL app uses ten screenshots – the maximum allowed. The first App Store Screenshot is designed specifically for the Super Bowl, using callout text that proclaims “Follow all things Super Bowl LIV in Miami” and featuring an image of a “Countdown To Super Bowl LIV” screen.

The following App Store Screenshots are two images lined up to create a single picture, with the phone’s position and imagery lined up to match on each one. These first three images appear together with the app in search results, quickly conveying to users that it’s an official NFL app with Super Bowl content.

The remaining screenshots are less Super Bowl focused and discuss more general features. The screenshots show how users can watch live games, see highlights, read football news and so forth. It does reiterate the Highlights feature, mentioning it once with “View Play-by-Play, Insights, Stats & Highlights” and again with “Watch Highlights for Every Game.”

Each screenshot includes callout text that describes the feature being shown. While the font on these is on the smaller side, it’s still clearly visible whether the app is viewed in light mode or dark mode.

On the Google Play Store, the NFL app uses all eight allowed screenshots. These App Store Screenshots also use an image that matches across two screenshots early on. It does not include a screenshot calling out the Super Bowl, which is a missed opportunity for seasonality on the Google Play Store.

App Store Screenshot Seasonality & Competition

Seasonality is an important aspect of App Store Screenshot design, especially for sports apps. Updating the creative sets to focus on upcoming events shows users that the app is actively updated and relevant to the event they’re excited for. The NFL app utilizes seasonality for its Apple App Store Screenshots but has not done so for Google Play.

Looking at the update history for the NFL app, we can see that the most recent update was primarily for adding the Super Bowl screenshot, although it also changed the screenshot used in the double image. Prior to that, it began using its current screenshot in August 2019. Before that update, it used five screenshots with no framing or callout text. Testing and updating App Store Screenshots is important for staying competitive in the stores, as it helps developers identify elements that drive conversions.

We can see competing apps also capitalizing on seasonality. For instance, FOX Sports features a screenshot right after its video about how users can watch the Super Bowl live. Even mobile games, like Madden NFL Mobile Football, can include imagery that calls out the Super Bowl within the context of the game. This helps them capitalize on the hype via relevant seasonal imagery.

With that said, developers of these apps must be careful that they are allowed to use the imagery they select. For instance, the FOX Sports app includes images of two football players - if it does not have the express permission of the NFL to use them, it risks removal.


The NFL app developers understand the importance of updating their App Store Screenshots to focus on upcoming events. The Apple App Store screenshots are a good example of seasonality and highlight how the app connects to the Super Bowl.

On the Google Play Store, however, users may get the impression that the app is out-of-date as its screenshots do not mention the Super Bowl at all. In fact, its description calls out last year’s “Super Bowl LIII” instead of this year’s “Super Bowl LIV.”

App Store Screenshots are important for conversions. They show users what the app looks like and what features they can use. For sports apps like the NFL app, ensuring that the screenshots are up to date and relevant can make a big difference.

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