Pigment App Store Screenshot Spotlight

March 28th, 2020

Pigment App Store Screenshot Spotlight

An App Store Screenshot is an opportunity to visually present an app while describing its functionality. For apps like Pigment, an adult coloring book app, it is key to show users the patterns and artwork they can make on it. For today’s App Store Spotlight, we look at Pigment’s App Store Screenshots and see how they present the app to its users.

App Store Screenshots

As an adult coloring book app, Pigment relies on its visual elements to drive downloads. The screenshots need to showcase the designs, picture options, color ranges and so forth to show users why they should download it. At the same time, screenshots should include bold callout text that describes the features and benefits. This quickly informs users of what the app provides as they look over the page

Pigment uses the same five screenshots on different device frames on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. These all show the handset against a background with shades of blue that go from light to dark. The lightest section at the top of each image includes callout text that describes a value or feature of the app, which makes the text stand out.

As Pigment uses five screenshots on each store, it has room for another five on the Apple App Store and three more on the Google Play Store. Including extra screenshots could showcase additional designs, art styles and artistic tools to provide further value to users.

The App Store Screenshots used by Pigment do present values that can appeal to users. Two of them show portraits, two show patterns and one is of Belle from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” These demonstrate specific values, such as the mandala patterns presenting a coloring challenge and the “Beauty and the Beast” screenshot showcasing the Disney content.

Each picture is colored with an impressive amount of detail, shading and color work to show what users can potentially create. The Belle image includes additional information at the bottom, proclaiming Pigment’s “exclusive Disney content.”

Each screenshot is accompanied by callout text. These present values such as the stress relief aspects, thousands of pages and frequent updates. These are great value propositions to state, although the text itself is in a small font that does not stand out. Each value proposition also runs a bit long, so users will have to pause and focus on the small text to read it. For instance, the first image calls out “Relieve stress with 5000+ coloring pages,” which is two values in six words on a single image. This could be broken into two images, one focusing on the stress relief and the other on the number of pages it offers.

Competitor Apps

Analyzing the App Store Screenshots of competitors in the adult coloring book market can provide some insight into common practices for these apps. From there, we can see what Pigment does differently or where it follows the common practices.

On the Apple App Store, Taiyasui Color uses the colors for its screenshots differently. As it’s a coloring book app, it shows each page in the process of being colored, rather than the completed image. This makes each colored section pop off the page more, like a bright parrot in a field of white. The callout text is placed closer to the middle of the screen on a multi-colored line, and no line of text is more than four words long.

On Google Play, the Recolor app also focuses on showcasing the artwork users can create, but it provides more variety in the style of the images. For instance, in the screenshot presenting the “4000+ pictures” value, it uses a screenshot from the menu to show a wide selection of picture options. Recolor’s callout text is on the bottom of each screenshot, but each value is 2-3 words long and stands out with large white text.


App Store Screenshots can tell a user much about an app, particularly the visuals and the features. For apps like Pigment and other adult coloring book apps, providing well-designed screenshots can show users what kind of art they can create. Using good callout text is also important for describing the benefits and features of the app. When users search for adult coloring books, or such apps are featured on the App Store, good screenshots can help an app stand out from the competition.

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