Roar Social - App Store Spotlight

August 4th, 2023

Roar Social - App Store Spotlight
Anh Nguyen

by Anh Nguyen

COO & Co-Founder at Gummicube, Inc

Giving and going viral? That’s the opportunity Roar Social offers users. After securing $11 million in seed funding, the philanthropic social media app aims to offer young millennials and Gen-Zers the opportunity to grow their online presence while making a difference.

As far as ideas go, it appears to be the perfect solution for those looking to create a positive impact beyond just posting and giving out likes. The win-win proposition of contributing small donations and going viral while supporting important causes should be enough to allure users, right? Not exactly. Even the most groundbreaking ideas and services should implement an ASO plan to increase their chances of succeeding in the hyper-competitive market that is the App Store.

Mobile Marketing For App Launch

Prior to going live, there are a few steps developers can take to ensure they have a smooth launch. For Roar, now that they have launched their beta, they’ll want to attract users in the early stages to gather important data to help improve their in-app experience and marketing initiatives.

As a developer, you should pay attention to different factors that can affect your app’s momentum, especially at the very beginning of its lifecycle. Consider the following:

  • Limit the Number of Technical Issues - No app launches without bugs or mishaps. While it is common for users to run into issues during the initial stages, you’ll want to be quick to respond to any reports of continuous crashes to avoid them negatively affecting your app ranking and overall user experience.
  • Pay Attention to Public Opinion - What users publicly say about your app should always be on your radar. Taking the time to read and acknowledge both positive and negative reviews can help you identify your app’s strong points, as well as areas of improvement. Ratings and reviews ultimately serve as a key source of valuable (and free) insight. Roar has also started on the right foot by generating buzz for their app through press releases, another effective tactic for attracting users.
  • Improve User Engagement - Nurturing consistent user engagement on your app can be the difference between having one-time users or a loyal audience. Foster engagement through strategic offers and incentives for your users to keep them interested in your app and potentially grow through word of mouth. Roar’s unique idea already targets a highly engaged demographic (GenZ & young millennials) that is familiar with social media apps. The added element of philanthropy can be a plus in stirring up even more engagement on the platform if implemented correctly.

It’s essential you set the foundation for a solid app experience – from discovery to download. Missteps in important aspects can be costly later on if not corrected, resulting in a less-than-ideal user experience.

ASO Tips for an Effective App Listing

While it’s still early to know what works and what doesn’t in Roar Social’s current App Store product page, there are ASO best practices to consider when publishing regardless of how early it is in an app’s lifecycle.

App Title Tags

Roar’s current title includes the company’s name – a good first step. However, the app title is an area that can house up to 30 characters and more importantly, is indexed for keywords. This is where the developers can leverage title tags to showcase core features and improve their app ranking. Title tags represent the most important features of your app and ideally, are terms your audience is searching for. Appending them to your app name can take advantage of the full space available on your app title, but also contribute to improving your app’s position.

App Subtitle

Your app subtitle is another 30-character field also indexed for keywords that you can use to inform users and increase your app’s visibility. Currently, Roar Social’s subtitle contains promotional copy in line with the app’s main marketing message. While this is great for branding, no valuable keywords are present. Similar to the app title, including keywords here will be essential for creating relevance and attracting the right users.

App Description

Roar Social does a great job of communicating the essence of what the app aims to accomplish through its innovative “social media for social good” approach in its description – but is there room for improvement? The app listing’s current description houses just over 2500 characters out of the 4000 available. Some might be thinking, “Well, not everyone reads the description”, but how you structure your app description can counter that argument and inform users in an effective and easy-to-digest way.

App Screenshots

App screenshots play a major role in giving users a visually engaging way to learn about your app. Adding information that relates to potential users’ core needs and presenting it in an appealing format can catch their attention and generate interest in what you have to offer. Roar Social effectively illustrates what the in-app experience looks like, but users don’t really get a sense of exactly what each image represents. Incorporating copy to support each screenshot and briefly describe each feature can help a user understand what it is they are viewing.

App Differentiation

As with any business, standing out among competitors is key to attracting new users. This is especially true if your brand shares the same name as very… different products. Reinforcing the previous idea of optimizing app metadata to target the right audience, using language and keywords that accurately represent your app and create relevance is essential to luring the right users.

Roar shares the same name as several apps but with very different features. From a career finder and college companion app to an augmented reality scanner, the search results for “roar” are simply too varied to rely on just that keyword to attract users. Using long-tail keywords that accurately describe your app’s features are a recommended strategy for choosing the right keywords for your ASO.

App Store Optimization for New Apps

When it comes to setting your app up for success, there’s no better way to achieve that than by applying proven ASO best practices to your app marketing plan. Paying attention to important aspects such as crash rate, user feedback, and engagement numbers help you understand how to improve your in-app experience. While optimizing app metadata assets and creatives sets the foundation for long-term organic growth.

Roar has a tremendous opportunity to differentiate itself in a seemingly saturated social media market through effective communication of its unique value proposition if the developers apply some of the app marketing tips above.

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