Shudder App Store Spotlight

October 31st, 2022

Shudder App Store Spotlight

With Halloween coming to an end, some of us are left wanting more frightening festivities. Whether visiting a haunted house, telling scary stories, or tuning in to a terrifying film, most enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with the spooky season. Shudder is the post-October solution to satisfy your horror needs.

With plenty of content to scare even the bravest souls, Shudder’s developers will want to outlast the Halloween season to establish themselves as a leader in streaming thrillers and scary movies. How can they do this? App Store Optimization (ASO). In this week’s App Store Spotlight, we’ll look at how the developers can build on the seasonal popularity of the horror genre to establish an app marketing strategy that maintains their app at the top of search results.

Shudder App Description

Shudder houses a plethora of different subgenres that can interest a wide variety of viewers. From psychological thrillers and slashers to paranormal and suspense films, their collection caters to anyone interested in a good jumpscare or staying on the edge of their seat. However, you wouldn’t know this from simply reading their description.

With the full description being one of the most important fields in driving conversions, it should come as no surprise that developers consistently use it to include in-depth information about their app features, promotions, and anything that can motivate a user to download. The developers at Shudder, on the other hand, don’t use the entirety of the description to their advantage to help convert readers.

While they do include the mention of their well-known creators, AMC, this likely isn’t enough to motivate a user to download. Understanding what their audience is interested in, whether it be a specific feature film or the platform’s variety of content can help them develop a description that targets that specific need. Highlighting these unique value propositions in an organized way can help users navigate the description so that it answers the question, “Why should I download this app?”

Source: Shudder App Store Listing

Shudder App Screenshots

Screenshots are powerful conversion drivers for your app marketing strategy as they are a great way for users to learn more about your app in a format that is easily and quickly consumable. They provide a great way of visually representing what users can expect within an app while also providing context that acts as a guide for each image. The developers at Shudder do a good job of including copy in their screenshots, making it easy to read and relevant to the image where it’s included.

Where there is room for improvement is in the pictures themselves that include in-app imagery. Some pictures include lists of the multitude of shows available on the platform. This is great to show the diversity of programs users can find, but it can also lead to confusion depending on how they are presented in an image. Developers should opt to either highlight a specific show that is popular at the time or present the content list in a way that clearly depicts the films or shows to watch.

Additionally, if the app publishers choose to include images that have film footage, it's recommended they include parts of the film that most users can identify. This can be the title if it is a well-known movie or show or supporting text to provide context to the screen capture.


The developers at Shudder have a tremendous opportunity to finish off the Halloween season as a leader in streaming for the horror genre. By adopting ASO best practices to their they can improve their visibility and performance beyond the length of their Today tab feature.

Seasonality has without a doubt helped them gain users in a time where everything frightening is popular. However, holidays and trends don’t last forever, and developing a solid app marketing plan can ensure their success far beyond the October festivities. An ASO company can help provide data-driven strategies to drive app store success now and in the future.

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