Survivor!.io App Store Spotlight

October 24th, 2022

Survivor!.io App Store Spotlight

Who hasn’t thought about what they’d do during the zombie apocalypse? Surviving through hordes of the undead is exactly what Survivor!.io offers through classic arcade gameplay directly on your smartphone.

Recently enjoying the top spot in the App Store “action” game category, there is no question the developers have known how to leverage an entertaining in-app experience to catapult them to App Store success.

Can Survivor!.io finish the spooky season as the #1 action game? We’ll look at how they can incorporate best practices into their mobile app marketing strategy to keep that top spot.

Mobile Game Metadata Optimization

Optimized app metadata is a defining factor in an effective App Store Optimization plan. With metadata fields being fundamental in determining how your app ranks and converts, there is no doubt that iterating can have big returns on your app store performance. The three fields to analyze in the case of Survivor!.io are the title, subtitle, and full description.

Gaming App Title Optimization

Currently, Survivor!.io's developers target the name of the game, as well as the game category. The .io niche has become increasingly popular with games attracting users thanks to its simple, yet rewarding gameplay. By indicating that the app is an .io game, it can instantly target a qualifying audience for that type of experience at first glance. apple app store product page highlighting the app title

Where the developers can improve is in including title tags. There are no title tags in the existing title and incorporating them can be beneficial in targeting different audiences. By including a core feature alongside the current app title, developers can use this limited 30-character space to highlight a key characteristic for users searching.

Gaming App Subtitle Optimization

The app subtitle is another great way to include keywords that can contribute to a higher app ranking. The developers of Survivor!.io try to engage potential users with a CTA – “Survive the fun”, but it isn’t until the user views the full app listing that they know exactly what to expect from the game.

The current subtitle doesn’t include any mention of zombies and this can cause gamers that are interested in the zombie survival genre to miss Survivor!.io completely within search results if they’re just skimming through. apple app store product page with subtitle highlighted

In fact, users don’t know the game contains zombies until they reach the full description, meaning there are several taps and scrolls that must take place before users get a good idea as to what type of gameplay to expect.

By including mentions of key features, characters, or identifying gameplay mechanics, the developers could potentially attract more players as opposed to simply including a call to action that doesn’t cater to any specific audience.

Gaming App Description Optimization

The app description is where developers can mention the most interesting features their app has to offer in an engaging and informative way that drives users to download.

To achieve this, you’ll want to include calls to action, relevant updates, gameplay features, and even keywords. Even though they are not indexed here, they can still contribute to search query relevancy while reading. apple app store description

In the case of Survivor!.io, the developers aren’t taking full advantage of the 4000 characters provided to provide an in-depth explanation of their app.

By treating the full description as a short preview field, developers leave plenty of conversion potential unfulfilled. Take the time to curate a message that dives into what makes your app interesting and why users should download it. This improves your chances of resonating with what your target audience is searching for while at the same time differentiating it from the competition.

Mobile Game Optimization

A solid App Store Optimization strategy considers all facets of app metadata to enhance app store performance. If developers adjust their app listing through data-driven decisions with ASO tools and technology, they can excel in even the most competitive app categories.

Survivor!.io’s developers have been able to do this through their entertaining gameplay, standing out in a category that regularly contains new competitors trying to dominate this multiplayer genre. By adopting the recommended ASO best practices above, developers can improve their chances of maintaining their top search result listing spot and continuing their app store success.

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