Tap Cats App Description Spotlight

February 8th, 2020

Tap Cats App Description Spotlight

The App Store Description is what gives users important details about an app. It should be engaging, informative and easy to read. “Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle CCG,” a mobile game available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, is the subject of this week’s App Store Spotlight, where we see how its App Store Description works on each storefront.

App Store Description

Tap Cats’ App Description begins with promo text calling out the beta testing of guilds. Following the promo text, the description describes the top values for users: “Epic Card Wars. Hilarious Cats. Serious Fun.” It’s a solid start for an Apple App Store Description, presenting information about the app’s gameplay, new features and tone.

The introduction after the promo text set is designed to be two short paragraphs, but there’s no full line break between the two. This makes it still appear to be a larger block of text, but it still presents important information about the app.

Following that, the introduction includes four paragraphs presenting information about the mobile game. Each one includes a header in all-capital letters to catch users’ eyes. However, these paragraphs are lengthy and appear as large blocks of text when viewed on devices, so users may not read all of them. Breaking these into bullet lists or shorter lines could make it easier for readers to take in the information at a glance.

Finally, the description ends on a feature set. This is a lengthy list of all the game’s features, such as the team building, adventure and artwork. This could also be broken into multiple feature sets, each one providing more information about the game.

For instance, one bullet entry in the feature list is the unlockable heroes. This is three sentences long, so it could easily be turned into a feature list that provides this information in bullet points. Doing so would make it easier for users to take in all the information while scrolling down the page.

App Store vs Google Play Description

On Google Play, the App Store Description is unchanged in terms of content, but the formatting is a little different. Since the Play Store allows HTML, Tap Cats uses bold text at the start of its headers to quickly draw attention to the values they present.

Additionally, it uses stars at the start of each bullet point. This is a small change, but it makes the description more visually engaging.

What Tap Cats’ description needs to improve is keyword usage. Google Play descriptions need to utilize keywords in order to index for them, especially in headers and at the start of lines.

While Tap Cats does use a few good keywords, like “Epic Card Wars” and “Thrilling card battles,” those are rare. It primarily uses lines like “Extend your versus dominance in Challenge mode” and “Multiple strategies for combat,” which are not keyword focused.

The description also helps the app index for “Adventure Time Card Wars.” Using “Card Wars” in the description and starting a bullet point with “It’s adventure time” has placed the app as #2 for “card wars” and #15 for “adventure time battle.” It is worth noting that the “Adventure Time Card Wars” app is no longer available, so maintaining those keywords will target an audience for a deleted app and may help position Tap Cats as a suitable replacement.

Competitor App Store Descriptions

Looking at competing App Store Descriptions, we can see how other descriptions vary or use similar elements to Tap Cats.

On the Apple App Store, Cat Evolution uses no small amount of cat puns in its introduction. The feature set is broken into smaller sections, including one for the main features and one for highlights. This makes it easier for users to get an understanding of an app while scrolling.

On Google Play, the competitor Meow Wars also utilizes bullet lists and bold text. In addition to bolding the feature headers, the description also uses it to highlight key features in the description, such as being a card battle game and the PvP elements. Meow Wars also includes cat emoji, although it’s used sparingly.


An App Store Description can convey important information about an app and encourage users to install, but each store should have a different description. Formatting that works on Google Play may not perform well on the Apple App Store, while the stores’ algorithms necessitate that each description uses keywords differently.

Using proper description App Store Optimization, an app like Tap Cats could see even greater success on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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