VoterPal App Store Description Spotlight

June 9th, 2020

VoterPal App Store Description Spotlight
David Bell

by David Bell

CEO at Gummicube, Inc.

When your app is available in the stores, how will you let users know everything it has to offer?

The App Store description should never be overlooked. It’s an important tool for conversion and building keyword relevance, so a well-written description can make a big difference.

For today’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at VoterPal. This app is currently featured on the Apple App Store for “Making a Difference,” but does its description make it clear how it can help users bring about positive change?

Apple App Store Description

We begin by looking at VoterPal’s description on the Apple App Store. Does it convey the purpose of the app while following App Store Optimization best practices?

What it Has

VoterPal’s description utilizes short lines of no more than two sentences each. This makes it easy to read while scrolling through the description, so users can take in the purpose at a glance.

The description also utilizes bullet points that quickly go over how the app works. The step-by-step instructions tell users what they need to know in advance so they can see how quick it is to use. This section does, however, include a typo where it says “driver’s license of state ID” instead of “driver’s license or state ID.”

App Store Description

What it’s Missing

While the description provides a value proposition and instructions, there are a few things it still lacks.

The description is sparse and tells us little about the functionality. How does it help register voters? Does it provide any additional functionality? What makes it a preferable alternative to other registration methods? These are all questions users may ask that the description does not answer.

The lack of feature sets contributes to this. Including a bullet list of features can help provide additional information to users and lets them see what the app can do at a glance.

There are also several different election cycles the app is relevant for, whether for local, state, presidential or anything else. VoterPal’s description is not updated for election cycles.

The description remains general and focused on elections as a whole, rather than mention any specific elections. Updating to call these out could improve its relevance for keywords like “2020 election” and improve conversions by showing how it remains up to date.

Google Play Store Description

The App Store and Play Store are storefronts with different designs and algorithms, not everything that works in one will work for the other. Yet on the Google Play Store, VoterPal uses a description nearly identical to that on the Apple App Store.

Value Proposition

The first line in the description is talking about how the app has been redesigned. This does not present information about what the app does or how it can benefit users, so it does not present a value to new users.

The Google Play description could be updated with a clear value proposition. Using this to explain how the app works will help engage users more than stating the app has been redesigned will.

Keyword Indexation

VoterPal’s description does not utilize keywords. It mentions registering to vote once, near the end of the introduction, then focuses on how to use the app. This has failed to help its keyword indexation, as the app ranks for very few keywords. Its rankings for keywords it indexes for are very low, including #101 for “vote apps” and #96 for “voting.”

Google Play identifies keywords by having its algorithm crawl the description. If developers want to rank for any terms or phrases, they need to be used in the description. VoterPal can improve its rankings by updating its description to target relevant keywords, but it will have difficulty ranking for anything without them.

ASO Best Practices

VoterPal could resolve these issues with App Store Optimization. Best practices include creating descriptions with details on the functionality and benefits of the app, bulleted feature sets for ease of reading and keyword placement.

With proper App Store Optimization, an app like VoterPal can improve its rankings for relevant keywords like “voter registration” and “2020 elections.” This would help it appear in more searches and connect more to user needs.


An App Store Description serves many purposes. Beyond just telling users what an app does, it shows users why they need the app, delves into its functionality and builds keywords for Google Play. For this to work, apps should follow ASO best practices.

With proper ASO, apps like VoterPal can get the boost they need to help make a difference.

Want more information regarding App Store Optimization? Contact Gummicube and we’ll help get your strategy started.

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