World Cup App 2022 - App Store Spotlight

November 15th, 2022

World Cup App 2022 - App Store Spotlight
David Quinn

by David Quinn

VP of Strategy & Partnerships at Gummicube, Inc.

With over 3.5 billion spectators tuning in to the last World Cup, sporting companies worldwide are looking to get their piece of the viewership and user attention pie for this year’s edition.

Among these are results trackers – apps dedicated to helping fans follow the scores and updates of matches as they are played. Developers for these apps will want to lead search results and be the go-to option for users looking to stay up-to-date with the games for this World Cup. A great way to achieve this is by applying ASO best practices.

With an effective App Store Optimization strategy, developers can increase their chances of ranking higher and gaining more downloads. And during a time when many competitors will be focused on optimizing their apps to capitalize on the large base of engaged users, developers should prioritize ASO to stay relevant.

In today’s App Store Spotlight, we’ll take a look at World Cup App 2022, and how its developers have a tremendous opportunity to grow their app even further during a critical time for sporting event companies.

App Metadata - World Cup App 2022

Optimized app metadata can mean the difference between ranking among the top apps or sinking in search results. For World Cup App 2022, the developers can leverage the current position of their app for success, but as the days inch closer, relevant copy and keywords will determine how their app ranks as more competitors optimize for the event.

App Subtitle

An app subtitle should briefly communicate the core features of your app using keywords. With a 30-character space, you’ll want to optimize this space by using some of the most important terms related to your app.

Currently, the World Cup App 2022 app listing mentions a core functionality in the subtitle – “Fixtures and results”. However, there are several apps that can track fixtures and results, so specifying the sporting event could help the developers improve their ranking. To understand what keywords can be included, World Cup App 2022’s developers can leverage ASO tools and technology to determine which terms currently in use in the market can help with app store growth.

World Cup App 2022 - App Store Search Results Listing

App Description

Your mobile app description is a great opportunity for explaining the different features, mechanics, and value propositions your app offers. For a results tracker like World Cup App 2022, a good approach would be to focus on differentiation. Considering the plethora of competitors in this niche – including officially licensed apps – the developers will want to explain why their World Cup tracker is a step ahead of the rest.

The current World Cup App 2022 description is a short paragraph that does detail the core features of the app but could benefit from restructuring. By extracting each feature and expanding upon them in relation to the sporting event, developers can create a more engaging reading experience for potential users while at the same time provide relevant in-depth information about their app.

World Cup App 2022 - App Product Page

App Screenshots

Most sports results trackers behave similarly. They display tables with score updates, lineups, and news. However, the way this information is displayed in your app screenshots can impact a user’s decision to download the app. Easily digestible information through engaging visuals is a great way to convey important information and keep the experience visually appealing.

World Cup App 2022’s developers do apply ASO screenshot best practices in their use of in-app imagery to provide users a glimpse of what to expect. The current pictures display the app’s user interface, how notifications appear, and how they can follow matches. The developers also do a good job of showing the variety of different features in their screenshots. In addition, they are using the World Cup’s representative color scheme, acting as a powerful link between the user’s interest and the app.

However, they can optimize their photos with emphasized keywords or visual copy. These two screenshot elements are a great way to provide users with more context and relate key terms or information to the images onscreen. Developers can structure this copy as they see fit, but it's recommended they consider including calls-to-action related to in-app features, callouts to promotions, or highlighting a unique value proposition that appears in the screenshot. A step further would be to adapt the current screenshots so the information is displayed in a handset model alongside the supporting copy to create a more immersive experience altogether.

Splash screens also serve as a great introduction to screenshots and World Cup App 2022’s developers aren’t using one. By introducing an initial image that captures a person’s attention, it’s possible that users will want to continue viewing the rest of the screenshots. This can take the form of World Cup-related imagery or characters that can help hook users to your creative set.

World Cup App 2022 - App Store Screenshots


With little time left before the World Cup starts, sports app developers are looking for ways to get the edge on the competition and make the most of their App Store Optimization. The huge fan base for the event gives publishers even more reason to analyze every part of their app listing to make sure they’re capturing as much of the user base as possible.

World Cup App 2022’s developers already enjoy a generous ranking for certain terms at the time of writing. But in order to maintain their ranking, it’s essential they apply effective ASO strategies that can help them perform consistently as the event rolls on. By adapting their app metadata and screenshots to communicate information and engage readers they can set themselves up for success during high tide for all soccer fans.

Want to learn more about App Store Optimization? Contact Gummicube and we’ll help get your strategy started.

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