App Store Spotlight - The Nudge

February 1st, 2022

App Store Spotlight - The Nudge
David Bell

by David Bell

CEO at Gummicube, Inc.

The Nudge

FOMO? Fear no more. When you’re scrolling through a social media app, a typical feed usually consists of Insta-friendly brunch pictures, weekend beach getaways, or neon-sign-covered, niche metropolitan hotspots. If you’re like the many users who often find themselves secretly (or not so secretly) living vicariously through these pictures you might be catching a bad case of #FOMO. Or, like many people, you might just find yourself itching to try something new and exciting to do over the weekend, but you just need a nudge in the right direction.

If you’re looking for the cure to your fear of missing out or looking to rekindle your inner socialite, The Nudge by Livday is the pocket-sized planner app looking to help you cure those activity planning scaries and help you explore different activities and events. Whether you’re looking for a cozy night in, date ideas, or a new place to celebrate Taco Tuesdays, The Nudge has you covered.

There are plenty of options for people who are looking for events, activities, and locations in their area. From blogs to local event calendars, influencers to newsletters, finding something new to do in your city is accessible –but is it convenient? New? Fresh? Intuitive? You’ll often find that these methods often miss the mark. If you’re arduously scrolling through a local newsletter or blog to find what events are happening in your city, only to find passé or run-of-the-mill activities, you might be wondering to yourself, “Is this seriously the best I can do?”

Like having a little socialite in your pocket, The Nudge offers ideas and special access to local events uniquely paired with ideas for date nights, at-home activities, hikes, getaways, and dishes out some of your city’s best kept secret locations – all in one app.

While alternatives like newsletters or blogs offer a one-size-fits-all approach to recommendations, the Nudge allows a user to subscribe to a text notification that alerts them of upcoming events and activity ideas. Nudge even allows users to customize and personalize their recommendations based on a more specific location preference or activity in the app or directly through text.

For planner-themed apps, it’s often difficult to carve out a niche in the often congested and highly-task-specific search queries. With the broad range of features and functions The Nudge offers, competing for this space can prove to be difficult. While still in its infancy, The Nudge app currently only supports 10 major US cities. Limited locations can prove difficult to adequately target the right demographic. Developers may also miss out on opportunities to optimize app metadata to account for differing search queries and trends based on the user’s location and activity preferences. For up-and-coming apps like The Nudge, using proven ASO tools could help boost visibility and improve conversion rates on The App Store given its unique challenges.


While The Nudge currently employs some ASO best practices, there is plenty of room for improvement in its metadata strategy. Engaging these best practices may not only increase discoverability but call out some of its key features and value propositions to a wider and more diverse audience.

Title tags are an indie app’s best friend. While the title, The Nudge, is unique and differentiated, little can really be inferred from the title itself. Through the use of title tags that convey the app’s features and functionality, The Nudge can effectively introduce itself to users who may not be familiar with the application, or help those who are specifically looking for The Nudge to recall the app’s marketed features. Using keywords like “planner”, “weekend ideas'', and “local events”, are all great ways to not only highlight features but may also help with increasing visibility.

For metadata assets like the subtitle and description, it’s crucial for app developers and publishers to maximize the potential they provide for keyword optimization. For iOS, the title and description are integral metadata assets that allow app developers and publishers to rank for relevant keywords and phrases and market the app thoroughly and effectively.


Screenshots are an essential creative component to a complete and effective ASO strategy. For iOS, the first three screenshots are the only visible screenshots on the search page. While all screenshots offer a space to emphasize key features, accreditations, reviews, or any additional marketable acclimations, the first three screenshots should showcase the crème de la crème of the app and what makes it unique. Screenshots serve as a business card to the user. In it, users expect to see what the app offers, what makes the app unique, and if it will suit their expected needs.

Utilizing creative assets like screenshots can result in tremendous improvement of opportunities to increase the marketability of an app. The Nudge could benefit greatly from employing a robust creative strategy that includes optimized screenshots. With the right creative ASO strategies, The Nudge would not only strengthen its brand but effectively convey its core-value offering and its breadth of customizable features and user-friendly functionalities.


In a time when there seems to be something new and exciting around every corner, The Nudge introduces its users to a world of exciting, unique, and diverse activities in a personalized, local, and convenient way.

While The Nudge offers an appealing and unique value proposition to its target demographic, it has underutilized assets in both its metadata and creative. Livday could improve their ASO strategy and utilize the platform to its fullest potential. This may allow The Nudge to increase visibility, conversion rate, and general marketability.

A full App Store Optimization strategy requires the synergy of both the creative and metadata assets to reach its fullest potential. Through the use of ASO basics, The Nudge can take the first steps in optimizing their app on The App Store, and further convey its values to users in dire need of a weekend getaway to the mountains, finding the best mocktails in town, or just about anything in between.

Want to learn more about App Store Optimization? Contact Gummicube and we’ll help get your strategy started.

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