Creative Services for ASO & Mobile Marketing

Creative Services for App Store Optimization & Mobile Marketing

Gummicube’s creative services team builds award winning assets for App Store Optimization and Mobile Marketing.

Creative Services for All Store Listing Assets

Creative services provided by Gummicube can design your store listing assets for A/B testing and deployment to the App Store and Google Play. This includes screenshots, icons, feature graphics, preview videos, and any other visual assets for each store. We can also assist in building creative sets (static assets and videos) for paid user acquisition channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Ads, and other ad networks.
More Than Just Design
Gummicube's creative services team is award winning and data driven. We conduct market research to understand statistically what converts in your category and among your target audience. Before moving a pixel in Photoshop, our creative services team understands what colors are most likely to convert, which layouts are popular among similar apps, and what the best calls-to-action and value propositions may be.

What Does Gummicube Provide?

Before creative services gets started designing assets for your store listing or paid user acquisition channels, Gummicube arms you with our research and rationale. We then produce creative assets that are ideally structured for conversion optimization and an A/B testing plan, which can be managed by Gummicube's experienced ASO team.

Experienced, Data Driven Design for Enterprise, Brands and Startups

Creative services with brand experience. We understand that creative assets, whether for the store listing or user acquisition campaigns, need to have the right balance between your brand guidelines and what the data may indicate works best. Gummicube will help strike that balance and has experience working with some of the best brands in the world.

Working with Creative Assets

Creative services needs may be different within every organization. Some clients need a partner to research and build all creative assets for testing and final deployment. Others have their own creative teams and are looking for a partner who can conduct research, make suggestions, and provide guidance to their internal design department. Whatever your needs are, Gummicube can find the right balance and approach.
Gummicube supports creation of all creative assets required by the App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, and other major stores
  • App Icons
  • Screenshots
  • Preview Videos
  • Feature Graphics
  • Titles / Subtitles
  • Descriptions

Need help getting creative assets deployed and executing an effective conversion optimization and A/B Testing strategy? Gummicube can help.

Beyond Creative Services

There are many activities associated with ASO beyond creative services. Gummicube addresses all of these aspects to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients, including:
Working with Gummicube will make your entire marketing program more efficient, and provide more than a decade of ASO know-how for your team.

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