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Designing Your Creative Sets for Dark Mode

Posted on October 9, 2019

An app’s creative set will be a potential user’s first impression of your app. A study by neuroscience research company Neurons Inc. found that mobile advertisements trigger reactions in less than half a second. Similarly, developers only have a brief moment to make an impactful first impression on users who discover their app while scrolling through App Store search results. A split second can make all the difference in converting users, particularly

Serial Reader App Store Spotlight

Posted on October 8, 2019

Serial Reader is an app designed to help people read classic works of literature in bite-sized pieces. The app boasts over 650 books in 20-minute issues, customizable features, badges and more. For users to enjoy their books, first they must find the app, which is why App Store Optimization is important. This week’s App Store Spotlight focuses on Serial Reader and if its ASO makes the app’s store pages a must-read.

Swipe Keyboards and iOS 13: How Apps Can Stay Competitive

Posted on October 3, 2019

Often times, new operating systems introduce built-in functions that threaten to make third party apps redundant. For instance, Apple’s own features have been in competition with screen time and parental control apps. Now, swipe keyboard apps may have a similar concern, as iOS 13 has added its own swipe to type functionality. Fortunately, such apps can utilize App Store Optimization to remain competitive as an alternative to Apple’s built-in functionality.

Mario Kart Tour App Store Spotlight

Posted on October 1, 2019

Nintendo’s Mario Kart franchise has made its way to mobile phones with the long-awaited Mario Kart Tour. While the app is seeing early success from the brand’s popularity, it still needs App Store Optimization if it wants to race with the top of the pack. For this week’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at Mario Kart Tour and see if its ASO is enough to give it a turbo boost, or if another app can beat it to the finish line.

Apple Arcade vs Google Play Pass

Posted on September 28, 2019

Shortly after Apple released Apple Arcade with iOS 13, Google Play launched the Google Play Pass. Now both stores have a subscription service for apps, both of which have been inviting select developers to contribute games. The new subscription options can influence the App Store Optimization strategies for games and apps on both stores.

ASO Seasonality: Optimize for Halloween

Posted on September 26, 2019

As Fall begins, app developers should start thinking about seasonal updates for their app. Many may want to change their app's graphics or introduce special events, but seasonal updates go beyond what’s in the app. It also means updating App Store and Google Play Store pages for seasonal App Store Optimization. In this case, while Halloween is slightly over a month away, it’s time to start planning ASO accordingly.

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Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade App Store Spotlight

Posted on September 24, 2019

Warhammer 40,000 is a popular miniatures wargame with an expansive lore. Games Workshop and Pixel Toys have brought that story to mobile games with “Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade,” a mobile game that recently updated for iOS 13. Do the game’s App Store and Play Store pages draw in users, or is it overlooked amongst the mobile games in the stores? Does the app capitalize on being featured for its iOS 13 capabilities? We explore that in this week’s App

Apple Adds Subscription Billing Grace Period

Posted on September 21, 2019

App subscriptions can be a great source of income for the developers, especially when the subscriptions automatically renew. However, there are instances where a user cannot pay on the exact date of renewal, whether it’s due to credit card issues or a temporary lack of funds. While this previously would have resulted in a sudden cancelation, Apple is adding a “grace period” for subscribers, which can help subscription apps keep their retention and

iOS 13 Launches: What App Developers Should Know

Posted on September 20, 2019

After months of buildup, beta tests and preparation, Apple has launched iOS 13. The latest version of its operating system brings new features and functionality to the iPhone, which developers should take into consideration for their apps and App Store Optimization. Many of the new iOS 13 features have been advertised and well-known for some time, while others have received less press. These updates include:

Promote iOS In-App Purchases & Free Trials on the App Store

Posted on September 19, 2019

In-app purchases don’t necessarily need to happen directly from the app. Apple allows users to make purchases from within the App Store, which can then be instantly applied to the app. Because of that, developers can promote their in-app purchases, free trials and promotions on the App Store page, as well as tabs like Today, Games and Apps.

Wattpad App Store Spotlight

Posted on September 17, 2019

Wattpad is an app designed for writers and readers alike to connect. The app’s description boasts that many top-selling authors got their start on Wattpad, but for a writer to get discovered on Wattpad, first they must discover the app in the store. For this week’s App Store Spotlight, we look at Wattpad and see if its App Store Optimization makes it a must-read.

Google Play Review Process: How Long Will You Wait?

Posted on September 14, 2019

Google Play has been adjusting its app review process, requiring some apps to take more time for a thorough review before approval. This can impact the timing of an app or update going live, so developers should keep it in mind when pushing out updates for functionality or App Store Optimization. In August, app developers began reporting an unexpected three-day wait time for their apps to be approved. Google’s notification stated