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How Casino Apps Stay Compliant

Posted on March 7, 2019

Many casino apps have to walk a tricky tightrope of compliance. They seek to provide an engaging casino experience, but they also cannot offer real gambling on the App Store or Google Play Store. So how do casino apps remain compliant, and how does this impact their App Store Optimization strategy? First, it is important to understand where the Apple App Store and Google Play Store stand on gambling apps. Section 5.3 of the App

Noovie ARcade App Store Spotlight

Posted on March 5, 2019

When you go to the movies, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a pre-show ad about the Noovie ARcade app, saying how you can play augmented reality games based on the image on the screen. The Noovie app attempts to enhance the movie theater experience with AR games, but for that to happen, users must find and download it first. So is Noovie’s App Store Optimization a cinematic hit, or will its theatrical run be cut short? For this week’s App Store

The Importance of a Developer Page

Posted on March 2, 2019

When a developer publishes apps on the Google Play Store, they can also create a developer page. This is more than just a list of their published apps – it’s a place where users can get to know who the developer is and learn who they’re getting apps from. Perhaps even more importantly, the text used here is indexed in Google Play store search. As such, a good developer page can be helpful for an app’s optimization on Google Play.

Web Search vs Mobile Search

Posted on February 28, 2019

The world runs on data. Data can tell you what people want, how they behave and what they’re looking for, all of which are essential for marketing an app. When you use data, it must be accurate and relevant to your market – while this should go without saying, many developers still make the mistake of relying on web data for their App Store Optimization instead of mobile data. If you want your app to succeed on the App Store and Google Play Store,

Otter Voice Notes App Store Spotlight

Posted on February 26, 2019

Otter Voice Notes is a speech-to-text app designed to create transcripts of voice conversations. It offers a number of tools for searching, saving and sending conversations, making it useful for taking notes on meetings, interviews and more. Of course, an app is only useful when people can find it, so is its App Store Optimization up to par, or is it hidden in the search results? For this week’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at Otter and see

Avoid App Store Rejection for Loading External Resources

Posted on February 23, 2019

Often times, users open an app or mobile game they’re eager to use, only to have the app say “Downloading… 1%” at the start screen. They wait, watching the download bar slowly progress, before the app finally finishes launching while a few hundred megabytes larger than anticipated. While this is often times necessary for an app to properly update or run, Apple does place guidelines on how these downloads are prompted and may reject an app if it does

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Apple Announces Plan to Enable Simultaneous iOS and macOS App Development

Posted on February 22, 2019

Apple has announced a major change coming to the iOS and macOS App Stores. This will enable a way to create apps for both iOS and macOS simultaneously, as well as an easier way to port iOS apps to macOS. The company will begin developing and rolling out a new UIKit, which will let developers create a single app for mobile devices and computers by 2021. This initiative, code-named “Marzipan,” promises to be a major innovation for app developers and

Apple Adds Subscription Discounts to iOS 12

Posted on February 21, 2019

When developers offer an introductory discount or free trial, it’s typically a one-time deal. That’s about to change with a new update to iOS 12. Developers will now be able to offer discounts and deals on their subscription services, which may prove beneficial for their App Store Optimization. The latest update enables developers to offer discounts on subscription services for new and existing users. Typically, developers

Valentine’s Day Cards & Wishes App Store Spotlight

Posted on February 15, 2019

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means users are going to be searching the App Store and Google Play Store for apps that can help them tell their loved ones how they feel. As there are several apps including “Valentine’s Day” in their names and descriptions, it takes proper App Store Optimization to rank near the top of the search results. So for this week’s App Store Spotlight, we’ll take a look at “Valentine’s Day Cards & Wishes” by

Maintaining Momentum After Being Featured

Posted on February 14, 2019

Getting featured on the App Store or Google Play Store can be a great benefit for an app. Not only is it a validation of the app’s success and enjoyability, but it also increases its visibility significantly. Users will be able to see the app right from the front page and it comes with the store’s recommendation. After being featured, however, many apps see sharp drop offs in their installation numbers – so how can App Store Optimization help an

Session Replay Technology Leads to App Store Removals

Posted on February 12, 2019

Session replay technology provides developers with valuable insight on drop-offs, bugs and more in-app activity. However, many apps have not been disclosing that this information is being collected and for what purpose. As a result, apps across the store were given a sudden 24 hour notice to remove their session replay SDK, receive explicit permission from the user to allow recording, or be removed from the store.

Google Play Store Sends Editors’ Choice Notifications

Posted on February 9, 2019

Being named as an Editors’ Choice is great for an app – it places them in a distinct section on the front page of the Google Play Store to improve discoverability. The same is true for being placed on its quarterly Android Excellence list. Now, Google is even sending notifications to users on their devices to promote editorial content.